Plex RC-ONE is designed to completely prepare a root canal with one single reciprocating instrument in most cases, being easy to learn and teach, with less probability of procedural errors. The selection of the Plex RC-One file, depends on the clinical case difficulty.


A unique design with two different cross section profiles, a reciprocating movement with balanced rotation angles and a very flexible alloy, generate maximum resistance to cyclic fatigue and reduce the risk of instrument fracture. Optimal for the management of canals with severe curvatures and complex anatomies.

Efficient and Effective

Preparation time is reduced due to the instrument design with a constant taper, two cross-section profiles and a great cutting capacity, which enhances preparation and irrigation. Modified convex triangular cross-section of the tip provide instrument stability and the S-shaped cross-section of the file body helps preserving the original shape of the canal. It has a variable helical angle that allows an efficient debris removal coronally, an inactive pilot tip to maintain the original shape of the canal and a short transition angle to provide effifficient cutting.


Plex RC-ONE is made of a modified nickel-titanium CM wire alloy. It is manufactured using an exclusive thermal process at room temperature, that gives it a great flexibility that helps preserve the original shape of the canal due to memory control, great cutting capacity and high resistance to cyclic fatigue.

Narrow root canal

Medium or wide root canals

Instrument Specifications

TAPER 06 05 04 04
SIZE 25 40 50 35
LENGTH 21mm – 25mm – 28mm – 31mm
TORQUE 2.0-3.0 N-CM 2.0-3.0 N-CM 2.0-3.0 N.CM 2.0-3.0 N.CM
SPEED 300-500 RPM 300-500 RPM 300-500 RPM 300-500 RPM
ROTATION ANGLE clockwise 40° counterclockwise 160° clockwise 40° counterclockwise 160° clockwise 40° counterclockwise 160° clockwise 40° counterclockwise 160°