Plex V


  • manufactured using an exclusive thermal process. All metalurgic transitions as Austensite and martensite phases, take place at room temperature, giving many benefits against other NiTi files.
  • have controlled memory wire and this allows us to respect the root canal anatomy, avoiding root weakening and the creation of ledges, transportation or canal perforations.
  • CM wire Alloy with special heat treatment give very hig resistance to torsional and flexural fatigue.
  • can be pre-curved and show extreme efficiency in the most curved canals.
  • have shape memory, material recovers its original shape when sterilized, retrieving all the metallic properties, and its metalurgic structure.
  • The instrument section is triangular convex modified, facilitates the removal of debris and reduces contact with the canal walls, with a very active cutting efficiency.

Product function

Use step




Plex Baby rotary files for endodontics have been created to give more security and stability in pediatric root canal treatment also thanks to the fact that this files can be used with any endodontic motor. The powerful alloy of the whole plex line and the special design of the product it allows the Doctors to work quickly and safety even with younger patients